Lumen password Reset

Our Student Information System, Lumen, has enacted a new security policy change as part of their continuing efforts to protect the personal information of all our students. This will require a password change for all Student and Parent Portal accounts. This change has been made effective immediately per Lumen policy. The next time you log into your Lumen account, you will be prompted to change your password. When selecting your new password, please adhere to these strong password recommendations:

-Password should be no less than 8 characters.
-Password should include 1 uppercase letter.
-Password should include 1 lowercase letter.
-Password should include 1 special, non-alphanumeric character.

Your accounts will be disabled after 5 failed login attempts or if they have had over 30 days of inactivity. It you have any problems with your Lumen account access, please contact the school district.  

**Prior to this announcement today, an email has been sent with current password information. Please check your emails for this information if needed.