Centennial School Parking

Centennial School
Polo Community Unit School District No. 222
Melydi Huyett, Principal 
308 S Pleasant – Polo, Illinois 61064
(815) 946-3811

September 13, 2021   

Re: Centennial School Parking 

During this time of year, the number of cars picking up and dropping off students always increases.  With this increased volume, I wanted to take the time to remind parents of some important practices and procedures: 

  • In the morning students can be dropped off at the playground when supervision is present between 7:45-8:05.  After 8:05, students are to be dropped off at the main entrance. 

    • Drop off should be immediate. We ask that parents do not enter the playground area as all parents/visitors have to check into the main office. We do this for the safety and privacy of our students.  Thanks for your understanding.  

  • Those picking up children at the end of the day may do so outside the front main entrance.  Parents should wait outside of the main entrance.  

  • School ends at 3:15 at Centennial.  Please arrange for alternative services if you are unable to pick up your child at this time.  We do provide extended day services on-site through the YMCA. For more information please contact the Centennial office. 

  • Additionally, we do love our pets, however, we can not have any dogs, cats, etc. coming on to school grounds, so if you do bring them please leave them in your vehicle.   

  • Vehicles MAY NOT be parked or located in the bus or fire lanes. These areas have been marked. 

  • Park in designated parking spaces only in the parking lot. Do not park in or block the handicapped areas unless you have a handicapped permit.  Do not park in between rows of vehicles.   

  • Use of handheld devices and texting is prohibited in school parking lots.

We appreciate your attention to safety!  Please honor these practices and procedures and take time to speak with your child/children about these safety rules.  With your help, we can ensure the safest environment for our students and staff. 


Mrs. Melydi Huyett