Parent's Guide

Centennial School
Polo Community Unit School District No. 222
Melydi Huyett, Principal
308 S Pleasant – Polo, Illinois 61064
(815) 946-3811

October 8, 2021

Re: Parent’s Guide

Centennial Parents,

We know working together is the best way for your child to receive a quality
education, so the teaching staff at Centennial School has created Parent Guides that relay
important information pertaining to each grade level. This guide details information
about the school day, lunch, and contact information. Additionally, this guide covers the
expectations for math and reading, including topics covered and the requirements and
responsibilities for successful completion of the grade level. Your child’s grading scale is
also listed.

The Parent’s Guides are posted on our school website, under
the MENU. Thank you for all you do to support our Centennial staff and your child! We look forward to talking more about your child’s progress at Parent-Teacher Conferences on October 27 and October 28. Have a wonderful day!

Mrs. Melydi Huyett